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>> bob: kathy morris got elected by the conference chairman for the republican of the house. congratulations to her. that is it for us. thank y see you tomorrow. >> chris: with the election over, congress starts to get more answers about the benghazi terror attack. this is "special report." good evening. i'm chris wallace in for bret baier. lawmakers on capitol hill today got to ask administration officials some tough questions about the libya terror attack. many did more than that. they showed anger and frustration at the four americans and white house response. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge tells us what happened. >> the arrogance and dishonesty reflected in this is breath-taking. >> questions of who is responsible in this town?
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for what happened. >> if you want to know who is responsible in this town, buy yourself a mirror. >> on capitol hill, political divisions over benghazi relate fair and open hearing. >> the unfair attacks on the ambassador susan rice are simply wrong. she had to rely on intelligence provided. i sat here while colin powell provided the intelligence he had regarding weapons of mass destruction in iraq. >> reporter: fox news was told behind closed doors there were heated exchanges in the classified session over the so-called benghazi talking points used by the administration and ambassador susan rice for the sunday talk show september 16. fox news told neither the director of international intelligence nor the acting director of the c.i.a. knew who finalized the talking points and they could not explain why it minimized the role of al-qaeda when there is
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evidence of the terrorist group's involvement. morrell was pushed to explain why petraeus told lawmakers it was a flash mob prompted by the anti-islam video. morrell said he wasn't at petraeus' briefing and had nothing further to add. republicans questions drove the state department to deny request for security after ambassador chrissteins and his team or consulate could not defend against a coordinated attack. >> i'm appalled that the administration could not anticipate the escalating violence and failed to step up the security measures to protect the diplomats. further more, we have seen blunder after blunder as the administration avoids responsibility and accountability. the delay tactics are unacceptable. >> democrats caution the colleagues about jumping to conclusions. >> barack obama was no more responsible for what happened in benghazi than george bush was for september 11. >> reporter: for the decision not to notify congressional leaders the c.i.a. director faced f.b.i.
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investigation over affair with the biographer paula broadwell. the attorney general said it was his call. >> there was not a threat to the national security. had we made the determination that they had a threat to national security existed we would of course made that known to the president and also to the appropriate members on the hill. >> reporter: some democrats said the sessions were constructed an put to rest reports comments by broadwell in late october that the c.i.a. annex in benghazi was attacked to free detainees. >> it's also information. i have no information it occurred whatsoever. that there were people being held. >> reporter: tomorrow, the former c.i.a. director david petraeus will testify before closed classified session of the house and senate intelligence committee. separately fox news confirmed that the c.i.a. launched preliminary investigation in to the former director's conduct. chris? >> chris: catherine herridge on capitol hill. we hope to be talking live
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with saxby chambliss about what is happening in the closed hearing he is attending at this moment. we'll have it as soon as the hearing ends later in the program. white house is condemning the barrage of rocket fire from gaza to israel. three people were killed. israel says it's preparing for widening of the response. leland vittert is monitoring developments from the israel-gaza border. >> reporter: hamas opened their promised gates of hell, bombarding israel south with hundreds of rockets. this is right now the safest place. we can come in under here. the missile is coming in. you know it's here. where will it hit? there it was. the explosion nearby. we'm walk around to the other side where you saw this damage. that is it. this is the other side of the
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apartment issue we are on. looking at the gaza strip where the missile flew out of and in this apartment building. you get a sense how ran dam the killing is here and how absolute the destruction is. >> death fear, because people are lying here dead, because of those missiles. >> you think it could be you? >> it could be you. yes. >> right now, we have air raid sirens going out and they're trying to figure out whether it needs to launch or intercept the missile coming in from gaza. headed for populated area. see if we have an interception in a second. israel's air force marked day two of the bombing campaign, targeting militant leaders so far killing at least a dozen palestinians including a baby and 2-year-old boy. "we must fight back" said the mosque leader.
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en route to the funeral for the military commander whom israel killed wednesday. thaw threat an ground invasio invasion. they will visit gaza tomorrow to bring calm to violence that is spiraling out of control. chris? >> chris: leland vittert from the border with gaza. thank you. like boxers circling each other before throwing the first punch, democrats and republicans are staking out their positions for startup talks to try to move the country back from the now famous fiscal cliff. >> reporter: reports suggest the economy slipped back to recession, offering little hope of the exports to that part of the world and increase in jobless filing last week,
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some economists blame hurricane sandy, lawmakers look to lower the fiscal cliff the economy is approaching if they don't reach a deal on reducing the deficit. house democratic leader nancy pelosi urged extending middle class tax cut. >> we must not hold middle class tax cuts hostage to wealthiest americans. >> republicans know if they don't the democrats will let the upper income tax cuts expire, which they say will hurt job creation. day after the first news conference in more than half a year and the first after the re-election, newspaper seized on the president's suggestion he might not demand the top income tax rate return to what it was under bill clinton. aides with him for the second tour of damage from hurricane sandy suggested mr. obama's demand is for a sure source of re-knew, leaving negotiators to decide how much the re-knew is. >> what i will not do is to have a process that is vague, that says we're going to sort of, kind of raise revenue
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through dynamic scoring. or closing loopholes that have not been identified. >> on this day, house speaker john boehner claimed that gallup survey showed most people support lowering the deficit ending the tax loopholes and making needed spending cuts. but that is not specific enough for white house. boehner wasn't more detailed the day before. >> getting in to the specifics of that at this point would not be con deuce i to try to come to the white house. >> republicans and democrats continue to position themselves for friday startup talks between the president and congressional leaders. each accusing the other of refusing to compromise. >> the keys to the car are heading toward the fisca cliff are in republican hands. >> liberal democrats demand 1 to 1 ratio of higher tax re-knew to spending cuts, some conservatives are demanding the only increase revenue come from the expanded economic growth. there is little prospect of that enough to avoid the cliff. meanwhile, senator coburn is calling for democrats cut and
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democrats to find savings in medicare and medicaid. the oklahoma republican admits it's normal for each party to protect the sacred cows. >> i think that is normal. beare not in normal times. >> senator coburn says the pentagon needs to stop being what he calls department of everything. he says the savings wouldn't be huge. $6 billion a year but there was a time when it was real money. chris? >> chris: there was a time, wendell. thank you. reporting from the white house. stocks were down again today, the dow lost 28.5. the s&p 500 dropped 2. nasdaq fell 10. south africa president pushing back from comments from a lawmaker critical of lack of leadership in face of widespread worker strikes. president zuma called the claim totally out of order and said the leadership comes in many different forms. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot looks at the continued turmoil in south africa and what is behind it. >> there were violent protests
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in south africa this week. striking farm workers clash with police, which left one person dead and several injured. >> this came after months of trouble between striking miners. 34 protesters were killed by police at a mine in august. it's the worth violence sense the end of apartheid in south africa 18 years ago. experts say the income gap between whites and blacks remains huge. >> ordinary black south africans who feel that the end of apartheid was supposed to deliver the kind of standard of living that they see many particularly white south africans enjoying. >> a farm worker union is demanding a two-fold increase in their members' minimum wage. the present rate is $8 a day. likewise, south african miners are underpaid by western standards,e from a low level, however, pay hike like 22% rise one union won for the workers could hurt the company's profits.
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>> as soon as you have one company give way and allow the workers to get double digit pay increases of course you start to see the workers elsewhere in other sectors expect the same kind of reward. >> one platinum mining firm says re-knews will be down as much as 20%. south africa economy is still developing. 2.5% this year. that is not enough to make a real dent in unemployment. now around 25%. >> while some of the issues in south africa are unique, others are dealt with in europe, the states and elsewhere. including the balancing act between labor demands, company's bottom lines and getting people back to work. chris? >> chris: greg palkot reporting from london. still ahead -- we will talk live with senate intelligence committee vice chair saxby chambliss about the libya hearing he is attending as soon as the hearing ends. but first, what a staten island storm victim wants to see from president obama as he tours the massive damage. 
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>> chris: in a record settlement, british oil giant b.p. will pay $4.5 billion to the u.s. government for 2010 u.s. oil spill. the company will plead guilty to felony counts related to the death of 11 workers. as well as lying to congress. two b.p. employees will reportedly face manslaughter charges. thousands of united airlines passengers were stranded for several hours today when the company's computers went down. by early afternoon, united said the problem had been reed. it's at least the third computer outal for the airline since june. the connecticut governor's office says super storm sandy cost the state at least $360 million. the storm is being blamed for manufacturing downturns in philadelphia and new york.
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eric shawn has more on president obama's visit to disaster zone. >> comforter in chief, president obama toured staten island, parts which were devastated by hurricane sandy. >> my promise to everybody that i was speaking on behalf of the country when i said we will be here until the rebuilding is complete. i meant it. i will come back today and in future to make sure we followed through on that commitment. >> visited a fema disaster recovery center to provide hot meals and showers and auvres victims information about applying for government help. the visit meant to demonstrate commitment of the federal government was appreciated. but some say it's far from enough. >> what do you want them to do? >> step it up. put on boots and put on a pair of gloves and get out of the
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$800,000 suit and dig in the dirt. i'll show you my house. it will be okay. she is dealing with fema but the family says the red tape and paperwork is frustrating. this house is deposited in the middle of a street. nearby, makeshift memorial pays tribute to 85-year-old vet. who drowned trying to free the good waters. they only have memories. >> we had 32 years, raised kids and grand kids. >> the family of brandon and
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connor moore, the 2 and 4-year-old boy swept alive when the mother tried to escape floodwaters in the suv. the family spirit will carry people through here, although the president did acknowledge in coming months there will be complaints. >> chris: eric shawn reporting from hard hit staten island. still ahead what the g.o.p. can learn from republican governors. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's that time of year again. medicare open enrollment.
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>> chris: one bright spot for republicans following last week's electoral losses is in the governor's offices. the g.o.p. now controls more of them than it has in a dozen years. correspondent dan springer reports on efforts to reproduce.
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>> republican governors meet in las vegas for the annual convention there is optimism that the g.o.p. bench is deep. the party added to the ranks now holding 30 governor seat, the most since 2000. with rising stars, party lea leaders seek more national leaders in years ahead. >> there are several people with the potential to be president. some have ambition but it's early. >> they have the hard decisions to made and get a grip on the run-away spending. the republican governor is 1% lower than states for democratic governors. >> republican governors have great experience showing when we pursue the tough policies, it's not the austerity sake, but prosperity. >> they send a letter to president obama asking him to
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extend friday's deadline for states to decide. >> this is increasingly taxpayers will be exposed. and other states. if it is left up to the federal government they will make choices and incur the cost. >> many g.o.p. leaders are calling for a new tone. >> the republicans lose the i care debate as if we don't care about people or families. >> the people among the republican governors is the country is center right. especially on economic issues and it's up to them to show in the state how conservative policies help all americans reach the american dream. not just those who attained it.
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>> chris: dan springer reporting live from las vegas. thank you for that. >> waiting to speak to saxby chambliss. we know the closed hearing on the libya situation ended and we hope to speak to him in a few moments. first, grapevine. you may have to pay more to eat out. thanks to obamacare.
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its necessary loss last year grow to $15.9 billion. almost $1 billion more than projected. they lost $5 billion the year before. they run out of gas in 2013 if congress doesn't act. postmaster yep says we're walking financial tight rope. will we ever stop delivering the mail? it will never happen. we are simply too important to the economy and flow of commerce. mail volume is down 5%. florida businessman owning 40 denny's restaurants is charging sur charge and cutting employees' hours to deal with healthcare reform. they justify it claiming it's the only alternative. they will rally around the obama surcharge. instead of raising prices without explaining why.
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congress can be confusing february you are a member. roll call reports at the democratic caucus wednesday, everyone stood to applaud nancy pelosi a congressman elect dashed out. collins was at the wrong committee. he reaches strongly to -- believes strongly to bipartisan solutions to fix the country's problems. what better way to do that than introducing himself to colleagues on the other side of the aisle. ♪ ♪ >> what is clear is that this administration including the president himself has intentionally misinformed, lied to the american people in aftermath of this strategy. >> i sat here while controllip
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powell provided intelligence that he had regarding weapons of mass destruction in i. a ultimately state department personnel have to rely on intelligence reports they're given. >> sharp partisan debate in house as congress began a post-election probe at what went wrong at the u.s. consulate in benghazi two months ago. bring in our panel. tucker carlson, editor of the daily caller website. juan williams, columnist with the hill newspaper. steve hayes for "the weekly standard." tonight from miami, sindcated columnist charles krauthammer. how are things in miami, charles? >> warm. >> chris: that the short e and most succinct answer you have given. we appreciate that. we don't know what happened in the late hearing, senate hearing because it just broke up. we thought we would talk to saxby chambliss.
3:31 pm
we think we will speak to him in a moment. tucker, what have we learned so far today about the benghazi terror attack? anything new? >> we have a report at the door eastdroping that just reported back that apparently the senator in the meeting as the house intelligence committee earlier today saw a video from a drone over the consulate and surveillance video from consulate. the key question was the crowd outside chanting anything about the video? did it seem spontaneous or now was at it group assembled ahead of time? this has direct bearing on republicans thaon thequestions e pressing. why did susan rice lie about the cause of that this? they act like they knew why murders took place. common sense sort of cut against that interpretation. tons of other people, this doesn't make sense at all. did the white house know at the time that there was evidence not spontaneous attack? >> chris: in fairness to
3:32 pm
susan rice, james clapper said after she testified at the time that it was their belief. maybe they were wrong or maybe they were trying to protect something, but he gave her some cover in saying that was the intelligence community assessment. >> no doubt. men the interviews she did, she said as of now ^wa. we know of now to indicate that. and david petraeus imposed the closed door hearings. said much the same thing. that he heard from susan rice in public. what we have here is a situation where it's become highly politicized. no doubt about that. political effort that obama reacted to strongly in the press conference when he said why take on susan rice. if you want to come after somebody, come after me. that prompted senator mccain to say you have culpability here. >> chris: it may be politicized but it doesn't
3:33 pm
mean something didn't go wrong. >> we shouldn't be under illusion there weren't elements of the government that didn't understand this was a terrorist attack. you had mike ronallers on the morning of september 12, chairman of the house intelligence committee who had been briefed by c.i.a. earlier that morning come out on the morning of september 19 and say this was a military style commander doe assault on u.s. compound. the station chief in libya send a cable saying man on the ground. this was a terrorist attack. pentagon saying on day one this was a terrorist attack. >> chris: how do you explain james clapper the director of international intelligence, petraeus' at time putting out a statem after susan rice saying at the time she spoke the intelligence community thought it was spontaneous attack? >> that is not accurate that james -- first, it wasn't james clapper. it was james clapper's spokesman. seems like a silly distinction but is it a distinction. if clapper wanted his name on
3:34 pm
the statement, his name would have been on the statement. sean turner's name was on the statement. david petraeus gave testimony on the morning of september 14. he briefed the house intelligence committee. his briefing, what was intriguing was it cut against what the vast majority, the bulk of the intelligence was telling policy makers at the time, in the aftermath of those 9/11 attacks. whee was peskin' assess amount conclusion now at odds with the general assessment of the intelligence community? >> chris: charles from miami, of all the things that you heard from the panel, but clapper did give suzep rice cover. he said that their initial impression was that this was a video. >> but that doesn't make what he said true or plausible. clearly, the tripoli station
3:35 pm
chief said the terror attack, that contradicts what clapper said. i understand what clapper said afterwards is gospel. yet, what we know is happening at the time. on september 11, # 2, 13 and 14 is ignored. we know that there was a lot of information that it was a terror attack. and we know that susan rice unequivocally said -- it wasn't as if she equivocated. it could be this or that. the evidence was conflicting. her story was the same. i got even stronger and less embellished with each one of the shows that she went on. she said there is no evidence otherwise. which was not true. that is the question. tomorrow is the real event when petraeus will testify. he has to explain how he could have shaded what he said at the time so strongly to one side when we know it was not so. we would suspect that somebody
3:36 pm
of his intelligence with all the information he had, he might have known it wasn't so. was he being a team player? and if he was, was he doing it entirely in the name of the team? or did he have a sense he had to play with the team because of the over scandal throughout hovering over him at the time? after all, the team had all the information about his situation. he was still hoping that he would stay in his job and end up not being exposed. >> chris: i want the panel to stand by. we have saxby chambliss who is out of the hearing standing by. we will talk to him. you can see him right there. we'll talk to him about what happened in today's libya hearing as much as he can tell us when we come right back.
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>> chris: all right. let's get the inside story or as much as he is willing to tell us from the libya hearings today. saxby chambliss, vice chair of the senate intelligence committee, which met with top national security officials this afternoon. senator, what did you learn snod what can you tell us you learned about benghazi? >> it was an interesting hearing. a long afternoon, chris to go back through the horrible, horrific actions that took place, it wasn't necessarily a lot of fun. we got see it real life and up close. because the community has taken a number of films that were taken from cameras on site, overhead and in different locals. have come up with a 30-minute film to be able to show us in real-time what happened. what it did is confirm the fact that there were a bunch of bad guys who stormed this
3:41 pm
consulate in benghazi. some carrying automatic weapons. others not carrying automatic weapons or any weapons. but firing rpgs, firing mortars to n to the facility to the annex down the road. which means that it was very clear, chris, from day one this was a terrorist attack. i mean it's just so obvious to be so obvious to any inexperienced individual that this was purely terrorist attack. secondly, i think what we learned is it's not very likely that the intelligence community will put out any unclassified talking points anytime in the near future. >> chris: well, let me ask you about that. if it's so obvious from the video, which the top officials saw certainly within minutes, if not live, what was going on, i'm assume you asked. you had the acting director of the c.i.a., there other top officials why did c.i.a. the first week maintain it was the
3:42 pm
result and we heard it from susan rice here on "fox news sunday" and other sunday shows five days later, that it was the result of a mob, flash mob, reacting to the video? why did we hear that? >> well, the fact was that they were, the facts were still evolving. and they weren't clear in their own minds maybe about this protest issue. the fact of it being a terrorist attack versus not a terrorist attack, that is a nonissue. the others involved in the community as i said the day after on september 12. it was a terrorist attack. that is very clear. what was said by susan rice that related to the video that was shown, it may have been the situation in egypt, may have been as a result of the video that went viral on the internet. but there doesn't appear to be
3:43 pm
at least that here. maybe it was in response to what was happening in egypt. those kind of questions are still going to have to be answered. this is only the first hearings, chris. three we have scheduled. one of those is going to be a public hearing where these kind of questions are going to be asked. and the individuals involved will be able to tell the american public what did happen. >> chris: so, i just want to make it clear. there will be open hearings where the people will not only have to answer to you but we the american people will see what the answers are. >> absolutely. this is too critical an issue. we have four dead americans, including very prominent and a very outstanding ambassador. and the american people deseven to -- deserve a hearing. at the end of the day we'll have an open hearing where the american people can determine for themselves. and to hear from the folks to make a decision about what
3:44 pm
they think happened. >> chris: after what you heard today, senator, do you come away thinking that what susan rice told the american people that sunday was in good faith based on c.i.a. talking points which may have been mistaken, but were as i say good faith? or do you think that politics may have played a role in this? >> what i heard today hasn't changed my mind about what susan rice. what susan rice said was exactly what president obama told her to say. that is what he said yesterday. his taking a shot at senator mccain and senator graham was uncalled for. if he says come after me, then by golly, is he going to shoulder the responsibility in because it looks like they were about ready to throw her under the bus. so it hasn't changed anything from my per speculative. as to what she said. she was saying exactly what the political shop at the white house told her to say. >> chris: so again, i want to be clear. this is a very important point. you are saying you believe her comments to the american
3:45 pm
people that sunday were political. they weren't just based on mistaken c.i.a. talking points. >> i think it's very clear, i don't want to say that what the c.i.a. was saying to her or not saying to her. although it's very clear that in her position she is going to get freezed by the intelligence community as to -- briefed by the intelligence community who that was. we are still looking in to that and to try to come to some conclusion. the fact is, she went out and was making a political statement. i don't think there is any question about that. >> chris: finally, senator, former c.i.a. director petraeus is going to testify before your committee. again in closed session tomorrow morning. what do you want to learn from him? >> the thing about general petraeus he along with now acting director morrell were involved in a minute-by-minute ongoings of what happened in benghazi once they got the
3:46 pm
word. their situation room kicked in. so we need to hear from general petraeus, his understanding and his interpretation of the facts on the ground. why he made some of the decisions that he made. but significantly or more significantly, general petraeus has been back to libya since this happened. none of the individuals who testified today have been back to libya. him having been on the ground, in recent days he has a little bit different per speculative than in these other folks do. and general petraeus, you know, he is always straightforward with us. very professional. and he knew what questions to ask while he was in libya. and we look forward to hearing from him on that aspect of what he knows about what happened. >> chris: briefly, senator, really, i have 15 seconds here, broad broad broad said up with of the reasons they attacked the c.i.a. annex because they may have been holding libyan prisoners there. did you ever find out whether
3:47 pm
that was true or not? >> c.i.a. has not authority, had no authority in september or months before that to hold any prisoners. no. that is not right. >> chris: that didn't happen. >> no. >> chris: senator chambliss, thank you so much for giving us an update. we'll want to hear from you after you speak to general petraeus. thanks so much, sir. >> thanks, chris. >> chris: we will go to the panel for reaction of what you heard from senator chambliss when we come right back. lists all done. raise the roof! no one says th anymore, mom. [ woman ] raise the roof! ah? raise the roof! [ male announcer ] it's our biggest toy rollback of the year. find hundreds of rollbacks on the season's hottest toys in stores now, from america's gift headquarters, walmart.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> chris: so we just heard from senator saxby chambliss vice chair of the intelligence committee after the closed hearing with the top administration officials ended today. the three headlines i got out of that were they were able to
3:51 pm
see video from drones and from the consulate that showed in real-time what was going on when the attack happened. it sure looked to him like a terror acta, not like a mob. he said that was over. and he believes that susan rice appeared on the five sunday talk shows was delivering the political talking points. from the white house. and finally, he contra dicked the statement of paula broadwell, the idea that possibly the c.i.a. annex was holding libyans as prisoners. that's why the attack took place. get reaction from the panel. charles krauthammer in miami, your reaction. >> it was most interesting about what the senator said is that he wasn't willing to allow the c.i.a. or the intelligence community to be thrown under the bus and to have all the blame placed on them. which is clearly what the administration is trying to do. president says susan rice was simply listening, repeating
3:52 pm
what the c.i.a. and others had said. and he is saying look, we have now begun to hear from the c.i.a. and the rest of the intelligence community. whatever their assessment was, this was a political statement. coming from a president who was remember, one week after convention that they were dance tong grave of bin laden, saying al-qaeda is dead at a time when we now know that al-qaeda affiliates were active all around north afric africa, and most likely behind this attack. so it was a way to shave the story and emphasize and as i said before for susan rice to be unequivocal that it was a mob and not al-qaeda, to maintain administrationnaritive. >> chris: tucker, your reaction? >> i think it's a great mystery in the whole story is why is the white house, why is the president himself pushing susan rice for state? we are in the middle of -- begun one of the most con
3:53 pm
consequencial negotiations of his career over the fiscal cliff. he needs every ounce of political authority and capital he has and he is squandering it in fight over susan rice. i talked to two democrats in last two days saying why is he doing that? there are faithful democrats to be secretary of state. i think this debate over susan rice's qualifications to be secretary of state does nothing but draw attention to inconsistencies in the story over benghazi. therefore, hurts obama in the negotiation in the next month. >> chris: juan, go back to what we heard from saxby chambliss. your reaction to that. >> he said events in egypt were triggered by the video. and it could be some of what took place in benghazi was in response. but it could have been used as a pretext by people who wanted to engage in a terrorist attack. the second thing is he talked about throwing susan rice under the bus. he said he thought it was a political statement and he defended his comrades in the senate. senator mccain and senator graham. but clearly, didn't respond to idea that there was
3:54 pm
intelligence. as you point out earlier in the show, director of national intelligence clapper said that is the information that susan rice had. there is no question about that. there is nothing political about what she said. she was responding and she has said she had the intelligence community's assessment. by the way, the fragmentary stuff they may take, somebody said this, the boy in tripoli sent in this report here. that is not what the intelligence committee based the assessment on. that is prague mentary stuff at the time. >> it's not at all prague mentary. the take-away from -- fragmentary, the take-away from what saxby chambliss said after spending the afternoon reviewing the intelligence is it's clear from day one this is a terrorist attack. we are two months out. we have seen the intelligence. . it's the assessment of everybody who looked at the intelligence. the tate department acknowledged there was no protest. democrats coming out on september 13 saying this was a terrorist attack, preplanned
3:55 pm
and sophisticated. why did we know the information for three days and why did david petraeus on september 14 say this was perhaps triggered by a video. and why did susan rice say september 16 you this was about a protest gone bad. the real question, to the heart of the question about david petraeus and his scandal and benghazi and his scand is why did petraeus offer testimony or offer briefing to members of congress on september 14, that was so at odds with the bulk of the intelligence that everybody in the u.s. government had in the three days preceding it. >> i don't agree. state department, none of them has said that rice lied and rice -- nobody. >> chris: gentlemen, glad to see the hearing settled everything. that is it for the panel. stay tuned to see a new scaled down james bond. you might say 006-1/2.
3:56 pm
yeah, sure you can. great. where's your gift? uh... whew. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. ship fedex express by december 22nd for christmas delivery. [ male announcer ] it's that time of year. time for campbell's green bean casserole. you'll find the recipe at ♪ campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> finally tonight. i saw the new james bond movie, "skyfall," this week. the reviews are right, it is terrific. but on this 50th anniversary of bond, he has, well, changed. for instance, check out this trailer for the movie. >> welcome to the new mi 6. i have new gadgets for you. total chef double chocolate fountain includes ten plastic skewers. maybe you would be more comfortable with the hand boxing >> i tell you, they aren't what they used to be. that's "special report" for tonight. i'ch

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